I remember when I first started practicing yoga I would dread the balancing sequence.  I think part of that was because at the time I was doing Bikram so you held each pose for what felt like a full minute AND you had to do it twice!  Like most beginners, I would wobble, shake and fall.  Sometimes, it felt like I would never learn to balance and I was quick to blame everything other than myself - my mat was too thick, the people in front of me were wobbling or maybe the wine I had the night before was affecting me.  Truth is, I wasn’t really focused, my core wasn’t engaged and I wasn’t using my bandhas.  

Balancing postures teach us patience and humility.  ‘What do you mean – I’m a CEO, a father and a football player but I cannot do Tree!!’  We can learn so much from these postures.  Are we afraid to fall?  Do we treat our practice like a running race instead of taking time to breathe our way into a pose? I find it’s best if we can have a sense of humour about ourselves and our practice?  Have fun balancing!


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