Owners: Fraser Guthrie & Elisha Young (and their adorable daughter Willow)

Elisha Young of Kai Yoga Mosman

I first met Elisha many years ago when I was just really starting my yoga journey.  She was a go to teacher for me as I loved her creative sequencing, her knowledge of the body (physical, mental and spiritual) and her ability to make yoga accessible and FUN!  Elisha has a special way of making you feel seen and her abilities as a yoga teacher expand beyond just teaching asana. 

Fast forward 3 years and I was pleased to see on my return from London that Elisha and another well-loved Sydney teacher, Fraser Guthrie, had opened their own studio – Kai Yoga Mosman.

Fraser, the down to earth Scotsman is just as warm and welcoming.  He approaches yoga in a pure way without the need for fancy poses, contrived philosophy or add ons.  He is a real man and one you will want to be around.

Fraser Guthrie

Kai Yoga captures all that yoga is about.  From the moment you walk in there is a sense of calm, a sense of community and belonging.  I’m not sure how Elisha and Fraser do it but they make running a studio look easy.  There are two small studios which are normally separated by a door for smaller classes but the space can be opened up for busier classes and events.  And although the space isn’t huge, it doesn’t feel pokey.  This space encourages community and you might even smile at the person practicing next to you and get to know their name. Imagine that!

The space is simple and beautiful.  It’s uncluttered, full of natural light and an oasis from the business of Military Road.  Equipped with Jade Yoga mats and plenty of blocks, straps and bolsters you have everything you need to settle into your practice.  Yoga is often confusing for beginners with studios offering classes incorporating multiple styles, lineages and hybrids.  Kai offer Vinyasa Flow (Flow & Glow), Vinyasa Slow (Refine & Align), Vinyasa Base (Foundations to flight), Yin (Be Still & Feel) and Meditation (Quiet time to unbind the Mind) – it’s that simple.   Each teacher has been handpicked by Elisha and Fraser and they each add their own flavour to the classes.

Studio 1

In addition to the weekly schedule there are plenty of extra events and courses to get involved in. Kai have played host to LA based International Yoga Teacher Dice Iida-Klein and popular Melbourne based nutritionist, author and teacher Lola Berry.  Be sure to check their website and social media for updates and announcements.

The wonderful thing about Kai Yoga is that you get the quality of teaching you would expect to find in large multi-space studios but within a boutique environment.  You are encouraged to be the best you can be, to explore your body (whatever your age, shape or ability) and to encourage others to do the same.  And the best part is that it’s actually really genuine.  Nothing is forced, expected or asked. 

Fraser Guthrie & Elisha Young

You really get a sense that Elisha and Fraser don’t just DO yoga, they LIVE it in a really real, un-pretentious way and that is why it’s been included in Studios I Like!

If you’re in Sydney then make sure you drop into Kai Yoga for a visit – you won’t be disappointed.  It’s close enough to Balmoral Beach you can pop down the hill after class and have a dip.  What could be better!

Website - https://www.kaiyoga.com.au/