I am a big fan of this pose and sadly it’s one that isn’t taught a whole lot.  In this variation I am working my hips, my hamstrings, belly and arms – what’s not to love!  Also, I think it looks really elegant.  Try adding this to your practice but be sure to warm up properly first!

Key alignment points 

  • Try to keep the spine straight in this pose.  It might mean that the extended leg doesn’t come up so high but you want to avoid rounding through the spine.


  • Props are your best friend if this pose seems difficult.  You can sit on a block to elevate the hips and use a strap around the extended foot.
  • If Ardha Virasana is not possible, try taking the bottom leg out in front and take the leg in position for Janu Sirsasana


  • Draw the extended leg as close to the chest as possible.  Again, don’t compromise the length in the spine for this.  Over time you may be able to fully fold the chest to the thigh
  • Try adding a twist.  Start in Krounchasana and then take the opposite hand to the outside of the lifted foot and the hand of the lifted foot can be placed behind you for support.  Breathe into the twist.