About ME



The story of how I fell into yoga is not an unusual one.   Active from a young age, I was always moving my body and pushing it as hard as I could.  It wasn’t until a particularly bad running injury that I first ventured into a Bikram studio and immediately fell in love with the intensity and discipline of the practice.  I credit the Bikram practice (not the man, yuck) with opening my eyes to a whole new type of fitness experience and was immediately hooked.  At the same time, I was struggling with an eating disorder and anxiety.  I think the thing that I loved most about the practice was that for 90 minutes I had to focus on how my body was feeling in each moment and for short periods of time I found that I was no longer stressing about what I had eaten the day before.  After 2 years of a solid Bikram practice my body craved more – more fluid movement and more freedom to express myself.  Over the next 6 years I tried (and loved) many styles including Power, Vinyasa, Rocket, Ashtanga, Dharma and Jivamukti.  Being away from the dogmatic approach of Bikram, my eyes were opened to the other elements of yoga and I started to grow in my understanding of what the practice really means.

In 2015, I quit my TV commercial role and took up teaching full time in London.  I cannot express how much I enjoy teaching.  I feel really blessed to be able to spend time with people who are trying to make a difference to their health whether that is physical, mental or spiritual health.  What I have learnt is that people come to the mat for a whole range of reasons and it’s not my job to fix them.  I am there to provide a practice that is nurturing, physically and mentally challenging when needed but most of all to support them in their journey.

I have taught in London, Sydney and Brisbane.  I currently reside in Los Angeles and you can catch me at YogaVibe Los Feliz, YogaVibe WeHo and Blackdog Yoga.

FAVOURITE YOGA POSE: Handstand – This pose was my nemesis for many years.  It’s taken about 8 years to finally start including it as part of my practice.  I have loved the challenge and the dedication and discipline it requires.  When I am handstanding, I am thinking of nothing else.  My mind is clear, light and free.

HOMETOWN: Brisbane, Australia

BEST HOLIDAY: Iceland was the best.  As an Aussie, I have never seen anything quite like Iceland before.  The natural beauty and landscapes are breath taking.

FAVOURITE FOOD: Mangos.  I’ve always loved QLD mangos but didn’t realise how much I loved them until I couldn’t have them in London.  There is so much to love about this fruit so don’t get me started.

IDOL: My mum!  Never have I met a stronger, happier or more generous human being. Her ability to see the good in all situations and to choose to be joyful is what I admire most.